The Journey Begins…

Day 1
The first destination of our trip – The Jersey Shore
This past Friday, Blaise and I left Philadelphia to begin our travels.  It honestly doesn’t feel real yet.  We’ve been talking about leaving to travel for months, and it finally happened.  We’ve dwindled down our possessions to what can fit in the car (Nissan Xterra) and the Thule carrier and headed off to the Jersey Shore for the first night.

Blaise has some family in Jersey and the drive up here was short and pleasant.  Plus, we decided to go to NYC during the weekend, so it was a great mid-way point.  This past week has been nothing short of chaotic and driving any further out felt stressful and rushed.  We needed some time to decompress and figure out where we were going for the next few days.

As I reflect back on the last couple of weeks of preparation, there are a couple of highlights I wanted to share:

Consolidation and Decision Fatigue (aka I have too much crap) 

When we told people we were leaving our jobs to travel, I don’t think they realized how much work goes into the prep work.  We’re not planning a 3 month trip where we’ll be back home shortly after.  We’re leaving for an indefinite period of time and didn’t have much space to store our things, so we basically had to get rid of everything.  If you’ve ever had to consolidate all of your belongings, you start to experience some serious decision fatigue.  Day after day, we kept asking the same questions about every item we owned:  Should we sell it?  Give it away?  Throw it away?  Put it in storage?  It’s been overwhelming to say the least.  Towards the end, my mantra was just, “Eff it.” I was sick of making decisions about what to do with all of my stuff and just wanted it all gone.  I have a feeling I will become more and more minimalist as this journey goes on.

As we were consolidating everything, we tried our best to sell what was valuable, put some in storage and donated the rest.  Instead of dumping everything off to GoodWill, I made an effort to donate some of our things to people in need first.  My good friend Tracy introduced me to one of her friends, Kaitlyn, who was in need of a professional wardrobe.  I was so happy to donate my clothes to someone I knew personally instead of giving everything away to GoodWill.

From left to right: Me, Tracy, Kaitlyn
I also sold my beloved 2010 Hyundai Elantra.  It was the first car I ever owned and it treated me well.  I’m seriously going to miss that thing, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t already thinking about my next car:)

Sold car
Me and the new owner of my Hyundai
It’s not goodbye, but “see you later”

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve also done my fair share of saying good bye.

My girlfriends from work took me out to my favorite restaurant in Philly, Bistrot la Minette, and we celebrated my departure!


I went to Bistrot la Minette once again with Blaise and our good friends, Scott and Danielle, who just got married and left for their honeymoon to Thailand this weekend!  I can’t wait to hear about their trip when they return, since we’re definitely planning on hitting up Thailand during our trip.


But the hardest goodbye was saying bye to Luna.  I’m seriously going to miss her.


I’ll share some shots of NYC in my next post, but wanted to write out some thoughts while they were still fresh in our mind.  Today we head to State College, PA!


3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. Olivia ! Keep posting. I can’t wait to read about your journey as I say here in Philly 😘 jealous as hell :)

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